GET Health/Status

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Provides a common framework for getting and managing translations and messages. A user must be authorized when making a call to a translation API method. All successful API calls will return a response code in the 200 range and depending on the call, content in some format. All invalid requests will return a 400 response code and an error message indicating the reason.

POST Contents/{ModuleKey}/Bulk/Get/WithTokens

Retrieve the translated text for multiple content resources and perform token replacement.

POST Contents/{ModuleKey}/Bulk/GetAll

Retrieve the translated text for multiple content resources.

POST Contents/{ModuleKey}/Bulk/Get

Retrieve the translated text for multiple content resources.

GET Contents/{ModuleKey}/ContentKeys/ByDate?lastUpdate={lastUpdate}&containsContentKey={containsContentKey}

Returns all translation updated or added since the requested last updated date

GET Contents/{ModuleKey}/Bulk/Get/Names

Retrieve names of all contents that belong to a module.

POST Contents/{ModuleKey}/{cultureID}/Add?contentName={contentName}

Creates a new content resource that doesn't already exist for the authorized entity.

POST Contents/{ModuleKey}/Bulk/Add?isCacheManagedByClient={isCacheManagedByClient}

Sets a set of content resources based on the specified action for the authorized entity. Limit of 200,000 translations.

PUT Contents/{ModuleKey}/{cultureID}/{content}/Reset?isCacheManagedByClient={isCacheManagedByClient}

Resets a translation back to the default value. Note: some translations may have a default value of nothing.

PUT Contents/{ModuleKey}/{culture}/{contentName}/Update

Updates the specified content at the resource location.

GET {authenticationKey}/{version}/Contents/HeartBeat

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